For 30 years we've led our industry – creating groundbreaking consumer experiences for some of the world’s biggest brands. Our end-to-end marketing capabilities include project strategy, design, development, engineering, fabrication and deployment.




We excel at creating functional, well-constructed and engaging store experiences. Our work spans inline and endcap executions, interactive kiosks, pop-up stores and flagship retail designs. From concept through manufacturing and installation, we provide our clients complete and cohesive solutions.


Our capabilities encompass several disciplines ranging from interpretive centers and corporate interiors to custom trade show booths and mobile marketing kits. We provide expertly engineered and fabricated exhibits that help brands present themselves and tell their unique stories in a variety of settings. 


Creating custom consumer experiences is at the core of what we do, and nowhere is that more true than in this category. Whether it’s a product launch in New York or a 30-city promotional tour, we take the show on the road to help our clients make memorable consumer connections.


When they say it can’t be done, we find a way. It’s this fearless thinking and commitment to craft that has made us an industry leader in experiential design.


ImagiCorps provides dedicated project management from inception to fruition. And with a detailed cost database, centralized purchasing, and project path visualization— we anticipate project needs like no other. 

Our team brings an unmatched quality of execution to even the most ambitious projects. We sweat every detail. Because to us, end results matter.


ImagiCorps Clients