We Went Green

To celebrate Earth Day (04/22), ImagiCorps is presenting our story of our Corporate Headquarters. We feel fortunate to have a company full of employees passionate about our local and global environment – and our work, process and building reflects that.

Enviroment ImagiCorps_Earth Day - the house we built

Using mostly native materials, we designed and built our home to be energy efficient to minimize our carbon footprint. We recycled furniture and building components otherwise destined for the landfills. We saved every tree we cleared for the building to use as raw material for new furniture.

We did a lot, with little impact.

Enviroment ImagiCorps_Earth Day - trees tell a story

When we prepared the site for our building we cut down as few trees as possible. Those that had to be cut were saved and milled into heavy timber that we used to build our sample room table and shelving. We’ve got more in the warehouse and when we discover a need for a new piece of furniture we go back to that resource.

Chapter by chapter, the story evolves.

Enviroment ImagiCorps_Earth Day - this is a landfill

Most of what you see here was headed for the dump. When one of our clients purchased an existing building and began plans for a remodel we approached them with the idea of salavaging many of the interior components. We adopted the reception desk and back wall and customized them to work in our lobby. We pulled doors, railings, and hardware from the building and installed them in ours. We got great furnishings. Our client received LEED credits.

100% post-consumer win-win situation.

Enviroment ImagiCorps_Earth Day - load of scrap

The fireplace mantle is a great example of how we used timber from the building site to fabricate furnishings; this slab of tree lives on as the focal point of our lobby. For furnishings we couldn’t find, we used renewable resources to build. Our design studio utilizes a  combination of existing furniture we customized to fit and a series of workstations built from
renewable bamboo plywood.

A load of scrap is a beautiful thing.

Enviroment ImagiCorps_Earth Day-saving the planet

Our conference room table is another element we saved from the scrap heap. Why discard a perfectly good table? This thing’s got a lot of meetings left in it! When we repurpose things we avoid unnecessary expenditure of natural resources and energy. It’s like putting these resources into a savings account for future generations to use.

Meeting adjourned.

Enviroment ImagiCorps_Earth Day - let the sun shine

Sun? In Seattle? The building sits on 3.2 acres in King County, Washington in such a way as to take full advantage of the sun’s light. Thermal energy gain and light streams in through two story windows. Skylights provide daylight in the warehouse and shop to enhance overhead lighting. The lighting in production utilizes the latest science in energy efficiency so much so that Puget Sound Energy paid us a rebate on the electrical lighting costs as a part of their energy savings program.

The future is looking very bright, indeed.