Ten Year Building Anniversary

After more than 15 years of growing a business we went “all-in” and made the financial commitment to assure our clients that our future was secure together. ImagiCorps designed and built a permanent headquarters in Redmond, WA. Ten years ago today we moved in to this spectacular facility.

Our goal was to serve clients in the most thoughtful, intelligent way possible by controlling all aspects of the lifeline of our products originating from this single location.  We’ve had a decade now in this unique building to improve upon what we started almost 30 years ago.  The “house” in which the engine of our business operates has served us effectively and has allowed us to offer stable overhead costs to our clients for the foreseeable future.

 The architecture of our Imagi-Nation blends into the woods and nature we find all around us in Seattle.  We believe that we’re each in charge of the imprint we leave on earth. We contemplate that if we live responsibly and take care of our planet, then our foot print will be respectful by being minimal. 

This building provides the background in which the harmony from our choir resonates.  It is the locker room for the “A TEAM.”  There’s an alchemy of corporate branding occurring inside these walls.  It is our “free zone” of creativity where we are all encouraged to be transparent about our thoughts and speak about creative solutions on behalf of our clients.  It is the temple in which we blend the designs, products, prints, and solutions of our brand of commerce and deliver it to the world.