Lovepop Window Display

Microsoft and Lovepop collaborated with ImagiCorps to bring a larger than life interpretation of the popular Lovepop greeting cards to life in Microsoft stores across the continental US.

While the program focused on an extremely tight deadline, as well as the need to invent an easy to assemble on-site construction method from scratch, ImagiCorps’ talented team of designers, engineers and producers rose to the challenge. The task of taking an existing 4” greeting card design that was made of paper and transform it into 96” tall window display and a photo backdrop required unconventional thought and creative approaches.

Working with several design teams at ImagiCorps our groups struck a balance between art and engineering that showcased the exceptional talents of ImagiCorps and the unique and unparalleled qualities of a Lovepop card. The final installations have proved to be incredibly successful, well received and popular among Microsoft, Lovepop and consumers alike